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About Us Company Overview Morillo Group (Mg) brings a different approach on integration and consulting services in the industrial process control and automation fields (IPCA). We strives on providing customers with a tailored and simplified approach on innovation and technological solutions. These areas are highly regarded and demanded as they are key elements on delivering low cost operations and the competitive advantage that companies look for. Each culture and need is specific, and we target to keep it simple; often, less is more. Solutions are delivered while always providing the best quality, adherence to all regulation, codes and standards with a seamless delivery.
Morillo Group is Private Engineering and Integration firm in the Industrial Process Controls and Automation area.
  • - Focus Areas
    Although the main focus area is Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, the following are several of the main industries that our Process Control and Automation services are intended for: • Medical Devices • Food and Beverage • Consumer Goods • Chemical plants • Automotive • Water/Wastewater • Power/Energy • Oil/Gas • Contract MFG • Agriculture • Other
  • - Vision
    • Change the Industry perspective on Innovation and Technological Solutions globally. • Be recognized by our technical expertise, simplification approach and team drive (energy).
  • - Values
    • Making complex things simple. Less is more. That simple! That can only be achieved with highly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate resources which will make any Process Control and Automation requirement a seamless solution. • Simplicity, innovation and passion (Drive-Energy) Passion + Innovation = Solutions
 Mg’s highly specialized team can provide a wide variety of services to fit the most stringent needs. Services cover all the engineering life cycle for equipment but with the ‘out of the box’ mindset that is representative from Mg resources.
Commissioning | Support
Design | Retrofit | Integrate
Commissioning | Support
 To excel at a job, you first need to understand what is that you are trying to solve and make sure that the Project team understands it as well. We can provide you with the required assessment and information needed from a process control, automation and IT stand-point, so you can make a solid and complete business decision. • Front-end Engineering • Technical Project Consultancy
You know what you want but don’t know how to do it? Our team can help with that! From Design to integration and retrofit services, we can work to deliver the most simple and innovative solution to your most complex requisites. • Electrical | Control Process Design and Integration o Control Panel construction and Integration o OEM Integration support • Process Control/Automation Project Management • Automation, Process Controls and Manufacturing Information Systems • Process Control and Automation applications o HMI/SCADAs, PLCs, VFDs • Migration and Retrofit o HMI/SCADAs, PLCs, VFDs. • Robotics Applications o Pick and place | Collaborative Robots • Machine Safety | Control Systems o Compliance with ISO 13849-1 • Industrial Vision Systems • Information Systems integration. o Historian integration | OPCs | Business Intelligence | Virtualization
The technical mastery from our resources can support your Commissioning and Qualification Activities. Also generate and execute CSV documentation. To keep your computer systems up and running, optimized and secure we provides day to day support and on-going maintenance. • Computer System Validation | Technical Documentation Services o Validation Support • Vendor Acceptance Test | Site Acceptance Test Support • Electrical | Control Process Commissioning • Site Process Control and Automation Support • Control Systems | IT Maintenance • Cybersecurity • Calibration and Maintenance Services

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